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When your dream job becomes a nightmare

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

After years of hard work, I found myself in what I thought would be my dream job. I set a goal to land the position while I was a postdoc, and a few years later, I’d reached my goal! My loved ones and colleagues were proud of me. I was proud of myself!

Sort of…

After a few months in my new role, I realized I was miserable and completely burnt out. The work was only mildly fulfilling (on a good day!), and the high-stress environment was taking a toll on my well-being. I wanted to leave, but I was concerned about what others would think. My husband knew I was unhappy, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to relocate again, especially after I was so sure that this job was it.

Even more troubling, I didn’t know what type of job I wanted to look for next. Worst yet, I wasn’t even sure what I could do next. It was time for something different, but after years of following the status quo for someone with my training, I wasn’t sure of what I was qualified to do outside of what I’d already done.

After a few more months of being unhappy with my career, I realized it was time for a change. Even though I didn’t know exactly how I would move forward, I knew I couldn’t stay where I was.

It was time to forget about what everyone thought I should do and begin focusing on what I wanted for myself. It was time for me to give myself permission to take control of my career, even if it was a risky move!

I found myself leaving my dream job less than two years after accepting the position.

Was it scary? Absolutely!

Did it seem like a crazy move to those around me? It sure did!

Have I ever regretted leaving my “dream job”? Not for a second!

Because I was willing to take a risk and challenge the status quo, I soon found myself in a position that provided enormous growth opportunities and gave me far more of what I was looking for in a workplace.

Are you ready to move from making career decisions based on what you should do to making career decisions based on what you actually want to do?

Download my free workbook to help you move from obligation to freedom and start creating the career of your dreams!


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